Saturday, April 13, 2024

Honda Trademarks ‘Prelude’ Name – Possible EV Sports Coupe?


When it comes to Honda, the most talked about models are the NSX, Civic and S2000. However, one legendary model is always left out. The Honda Prelude.

1987 Honda Prelude

The Prelude has been produced over five generations from 1978 to 2001. It was inspired by the Honda Accord and became the first Honda car to have a moonroof, which was included in all its models over the years.


1991 Honda Prelude

However, Honda may be bringing back the name that was once admired for its inventiveness, according to a trademark filing made by the company on August 15. Honda put up a trademark application for the Prelude name for goods a few years ago. However, the most recent update prevents competitors from utilizing the moniker on a real vehicle. This would suggest, if taken positively, that Honda is thinking about adopting the moniker for a brand-new product.

Ai generated speculation of what the Prelude might look like. It is not related nor endorsed by Honda

Certainly, there’s another rumour circulating that suggests the company has special plans for its 75th anniversary. As a notable example, Honda introduced the S2000 during its 50th anniversary.

Additionally, last year, Honda provided a sneak peek of two electric sports cars when announcing their goal to introduce 30 electric vehicles worldwide by 2030. Furthermore, considering the return of the Integra name for Acura, there’s a precedent that supports this theory.