Monday, March 4, 2024

Lamborghini And Ducati Create Bike-to-Car Comms System


Automobili Lamborghini is lending support to Ducati in its dedication to enhancing motorcyclists’ safety. Ducati played a pivotal role at the Demo Event held at the Lausitzring race track in Germany, organized by the Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC). This event showcased the efficacy of motorcycle-car connectivity systems that have been developed as part of the consortium’s research.

The Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC) is an international association of prominent two-wheeled vehicle manufacturers committed to incorporating motorcycles into the future of connected mobility to enhance motorcyclists’ safety. Car manufacturers have long been researching and developing Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) communication technologies. CMC’s aim is to include information sent by motorcycles, which have distinct needs and dynamics, and standardize this data when integrating the technology across the entire motorcycle and car fleet.


Founded in 2016, CMC saw Ducati join the same year, initiating a thorough analysis of the most perilous accidents involving motorcycles and cars. This analysis guided the selection of cases where connectivity could significantly reduce accidents and harm to motorcyclists. One vital aspect was minimizing system reaction times to provide advanced warnings, crucial in preventing accidents.

Lamborghini collaborated with Ducati during the trial phase of the project, offering a Urus for use case simulations. Ducati focused on three critical and dangerous accident cases, aiming to reduce accidents where motorcycles are not clearly visible to oncoming cars. The cases were IMA (Intersection Movement Assist), LTA (Left Turn Assist), and DNPW (Do Not Pass Warning).

IMA involves an intersection with limited visibility, where a motorbike approaches an intersection while a car is arriving simultaneously from a secondary road. LTA pertains to an intersection where both the car and motorbike are on the main road but traveling in opposite directions. DNPW deals with situations where a motorbike in traffic wants to overtake a large vehicle that has a car ahead, intending to make a left turn, not visible to the motorcyclist. In each case, communication between vehicles could significantly enhance safety by providing warnings to both parties involved. Ducati collaborated with various suppliers to develop this technology.

This collaboration underscores a shared commitment to safety and leveraging advanced technology to enhance road safety for motorcyclists.

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