Saturday, April 13, 2024

European Toyota Corolla Gets Smart Digital Key


In its upgrades for the 2024 Corolla range, Toyota has focused on incorporating new, advanced technologies to enhance the convenience and sophistication of its highly successful mid-size Hatchback, Touring Sports, and Sedan models. Notably, this includes the introduction of the new Smart Digital Key, which is compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones.

This innovative feature significantly enhances the Corolla’s appeal, complementing its adoption of fifth-generation Toyota hybrid electric technology.

Corolla owners can now enjoy the convenience of the new Smart Digital Key, allowing access and operation of the car via a smartphone, providing an alternative to a physical key fob.

The Smart Digital Key is compatible with both Apple and Android phones, enabling the storage of up to five individual profiles for each vehicle. An authorized user only needs to have their phone nearby to unlock the door and start the car, eliminating the need to access an app for entry.

This technology simplifies the sharing of access among family members and enables the authorization of third parties to use the vehicle, such as service technicians or rescue/recovery crews. The system is also beneficial for multiple driver operations, as seen in car sharing platforms.

The on-the-road price of the Corolla includes a one-year subscription for this feature, with the digital key being standard from the Mid+ grade and available as an option for Mid-grade models.

Closer to home, UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd (UMWT) has officially introduced the all-new Toyota Corolla GR Sport and improved Toyota Corolla 1.8G and 1.8E into the Malaysian market. The on-the-road price without insurance for the Corolla 1.8E is RM139,800.00 and the 1.8G is RM147,800.00.

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