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Toyota Chairman Hints at Possible Return Of the Celica Nameplate


The resurgence of the iconic Supra has sparked interest in reviving other famous Toyota nameplates from the past, and one that enthusiasts are keeping a close eye on is the Celica.

The Toyota Celica, a name etched in automotive history, had its last production run in 2006. However, the recent buzz suggests that the Celica might be making a comeback, and this time, it comes from none other than Toyota’s Chairman, Akio Toyoda. During a live-streamed interview, he was probed about the possibility of a new Celica.

Initially treading carefully due to his shift from the product side to the executive side of the company, Toyoda dropped hints that stirred up excitement among Celica fans. He admitted to having made a request for the return of the Celica, although he wasn’t sure under what name it might be reintroduced. This was seen as a promising sign by many.


However, Toyoda emphasised that even in his position, a request doesn’t guarantee the return of the Celica. He acknowledged that there are individuals within Toyota who may not align with his perspective, highlighting the importance of diverse discussions to create exceptional vehicles.

During the interview, Toyoda referred to the Rally Hokkaido event, where Toyota had invited Juha Kankkunen, a Finnish rally driver renowned for his victories in a Toyota Celica. This reference further fuelled speculation about a potential Celica revival.

Despite the tantalising hints, enthusiasts will have to wait a while longer to ascertain Toyota’s precise plans regarding the revival of the cherished Celica nameplate.

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