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MFWS 2024 Launched International Womenpreneur Community in Malaysia

After being anticipated since last year, Modest Fashion & Womenpreneur Summit (MFWS) 2024 is finally held. Starting from 8th to 9th 2024 in the luxurious InterContinental hotel Kuala Lumpur, MFWS 2024 will present 13 women entrepreneurs and leaders and also 12 modest fashion brands from multiple countries.

Chief Executive Officer, Ayu May Fakih,

Even though it’s a brand new event, MFWS 2024 is dare to start with a big leap of establishing the International Womenpreneur Community (IWC). Exactly like the name sounds, it’s a community for womenpreneurs anywhere around the world with a singular mission of creating a worldwide support system for its members to help each other grow their business by mentorship and collaboration.


For the sake of accomplishing this mission, MFWS 2024 is collaborating with numerous partners that have the same interest of developing the womenpreneurship throughout the world. One of those partners is Wardah, acting as the sponsor of the event. The famous beauty brand is represented by Dini Ardi Wardini as the Vice President of Product Innovation & Development of Paragon Corp–the holding company of Wardah. She explained that MFWS 2024 holds similar values to their own.

“As the official sponsor and makeup for the Modest Fashion & Womenpreneur Summit 2024, Wardah also contributed to bringing some of the main speakers for the event, which is Dayah Bakar who acts as the Spokesperson of Wardah Malaysia who are a famous radio broadcaster and TV presenter from Malaysia,” said Dini Ardi Wardini.


In addition to giving monetary support, Wardah also contributed to providing a number of speakers from within their company ecosystem. For example, the previously mentioned Dini Ardi Wardini and Dayah Bakar as the spokesperson for Wardah Malaysia who are also a famous radio broadcaster and TV presenter from the country.

Modest fashion brands

“We believe in kind and in grace on anything you do. That’s why, I believe these 2 days are an opportunity for us to connect with each other by doing collaboration, especially for people that harbor knowledge,” Dayah Bakar explained.

In addition to those two names, MFWS 2024 is also presenting 11 other main speakers, starting from Aireen Omar who is famously known as the director of AirAsia Group. Also present is Tya Arifin the founder of Mutyara Beauty who is also a famous actress. And then there is Linda Anggrea, Founder and CEO of Modinity Group and Buttonscarves who got awarded as the 91th Endeavor Entrepreneur last year.


Satu hal menarik dari MFWS 2024 yang membedakannya dengan pertemuan bisnis lain adalah kehadiran pagelaran modest fashion show sebagai agenda utama pada hari pertama acara di tanggal delapan. Peragaan busana ini menampilkan 11 jenama modest fashion dari Indonesia dan 1 jenama modest fashion dari Singapura.


One of the most interesting aspects of MFWS 2024, which also became its signature, is its commitment to the modest fashion movement. With the International Modest Fashion Show as its subsidiary event, MFWS 2024 showcases 11 modest fashion brands from Indonesia and 1 brand from Singapore.


Jenama yang ikut tidak sembarangan, MFWS 2024 berhasil menggaet beberapa jenama modest fashion terbesar dan paling berpengaruh di industri. Misalnya saja Buttonscarves milik Linda Anggrea yang selain terkenal di Indonesia, juga sudah berhasil mengakuisisi porsi pasar yang signifikan di Malaysia. Hadir pula jenama lain seperti By Ayu Dyah Andari, BT Batik Trusmi, dan Zeta Prive yang masing-masing pemiliknya juga menjadi duta jenama bagi MFWS 2024.


These total of 12 brands isn’t just any brand, but some of the most influential brands on the market today. For example Buttonscarves by Linda Anggrea which is not only leading the Indonesian market but have also successfully acquisite a significant amount of the Malaysian market. There’s also the famous By Ayu Dyah Andari, BT Batik Trusmi, and Zeta Prive whose each of the owners also become the brand ambassador for MFWS 2024.


“Saya senang bisa menjadi bagian dari MFWS tahun ini bersama dengan para tokoh hebat dari modest fashion. Saya tidak tahu sudah berapa banyak fashion show internasional yang saya ikuti, mulai dari di Dubai, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, dan banyak lagi. [Pada MFWS 2024] Adrianna Yariqa akan memperkenalkan koleksi bertema Lebaran ‘Ayriangraya’,” ujarnya.


“I’m very happy to be part of MFWS this year with amazing representatives of the modest fashion. I don’t know how many international fashion shows I have taken part in, from Dubai, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and many others. In MFWS 2024, Adrianna Yariqa will introduce our Lebaran collection ‘Ayriangraya’,” said Adrianna Yariqa herself.

MFWS 2024 is an international event presented by Kreasi Mode International. This event has successfully gained interest from thousands of women entrepreneurs spread across 66 countries. However, only representatives from 22 countries are chosen to come to the event in Kuala Lumpur. For the next step, Kreasi Mode International already secured a spot for MFWS in the upcoming World Halal Summit that will be held in Turkey later this year.

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