Sunday, May 26, 2024

Discover the future of aerial operations with the CW-25H: PM Anwar unveils game changer in industrial development

The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today graced the unveiling of MALVUS SENSE SDN BHD’s CW-25H, a game changer for the local drone industry.

Powered by cutting-edge hydrogen-electric hybrid technology, the CW-25H redefines endurance, boasting an unprecedented flight time of up to 330 minutes. This unparalleled endurance opens new possibilities for extended missions, revolutionizing the way industries approach aerial operations.

The CW-25H’s quiet operation ensures safety in urban environments, mitigating noise pollution while maintaining efficiency. Its easy and safe operation simplifies maintenance and reduces the risk of accidents, offering peace of mind to operators and stakeholders alike.

With a maximum service ceiling of 6000 meters and a cruising speed of 80 km/h, the CW-25H is versatile and adaptable for various applications, from infrastructure inspection to environmental monitoring.

Key Advantages of the Hydrogen-Powered VTOL UAV System:

Extended Endurance: The system’s hydrogen-powered design enables an endurance of 330 minutes, drastically improving work efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Long Range Capability: With its ability to cover vast distances, the UAV is perfectly suited for long-distance inspections and large-area surveying and mapping tasks.

Low Noise and Vibration: Hydrogen fuel cell power generation ensures minimal noise and vibration during operation, providing stability and efficiency even when loaded with various mission equipment.

Convenient Refueling: CW-25H offers hydrogen charging and distribution services, simplifying the refueling process. With no need for regular maintenance or part replacements, operators can save both time and costs.

Ease of Operation: Compatible with a range of JOUAV equipment and flight control methods, including handheld tablets and portable ground control stations, the UAV system is easy to operate and highly versatile.

Commenting on the groundbreaking innovation, Dr. Syed Omar B. Syed Mohamad, Managing Director of MALVUS SENSE, remarked, “The CW-25H represents a paradigm shift in aerial operations. Its hydrogen-electric hybrid technology not only extends endurance but also ensures environmental sustainability. We are proud to offer a solution that not only meets but exceeds industry standards, setting a new benchmark for efficiency, safety, and performance.”

The Hydrogen-Powered VTOL UAV System is poised to revolutionize aerial operations across industries, from emergency response and surveillance to infrastructure inspection and environmental monitoring. – REFLEKS!