Thursday, July 25, 2024

ESGNewslytics platform by helps companies analyze for better ESG topics, a leading Malaysian based public relations (PR) tech start-up, introduced its proprietary ESGNewslytics.AI, a platform designed to improve the way companies analyse news coverage related to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) topics.

A prelude to the launch was an insightful panel discussion titled ‘Storytelling for ESG: The Impact of Powerful Narratives.’  Over 250 attendees from various sectors gained valuable perspectives from  industry experts in the field of sustainability, PR, media and communications such as Philip Ling, Head of Sustainability, CelcomDigi, Syed Mohammed Idid, General Manager, Strategic Communications & Stakeholder Engagement at West Coast Expressway (WCE) and Chia Ting Ting, CEO of FG Media.

“This panel session will kickstart many vital discussions around the importance of strategic narratives for ESG. By leveraging on data, ESGNewslytics.AI is designed to enable companies to align their narratives more effectively with their corporate values and stakeholder expectations,” said Chief Executive Officer and Founder of, Manminder Kaur Dhillon during the launch.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of, Manminder Kaur Dhillon

The platform’s introduction reflects’s response to the demand for specialised ESG communication tools, highlighting several key features:

  1. AI and Machine Learning for Data Extraction: ESGNewslytics.AI employs AI and machine learning techniques to accurately and efficiently extract relevant data, ensuring that users have access to the most pertinent and up-to-date information.
  2. ESG Keyword Analysis: The platform analyses news content for ESG-related keywords, and provides insights into the frequency and context of how companies are mentioned in relation to these keywords, enhancing understanding of a company’s ESG narrative.
  3. Comparative Company Analysis: ESGNewslytics.AI allows users to compare the ESG news footprint of different companies. It offers competitive analysis tools to understand how companies stack up against their peers in terms of ESG news coverage, enabling strategic positioning.
  4. Sector-Wide ESG Analysis: The platform enables the examination of ESG trends and news coverage within specific business sectors.
  5. AI powered ESG Content Generator: The platform identifies least mentioned ESG keywords in the news for the brand and generates strategic content recommendations. This will help brands to build ESG narratives through targeted, data-driven insights, thereby strengthening their ESG impact.

ESGNewslytics.AI, built with advanced AI algorithms, serves the specific needs of communicators, investors and regulators. By analysing extensive ESG news data, it provides real-time insights, sector-specific and industry wide analysis, focusing on essential ESG topics,” Manminder stated.

From left: Panelists Manminder Kaur Dhillon ( Brand.In The News), Syed Mohammed Idid (West Coast Expressway), Chia Ting Ting (FG Media) , and Phillip Ling (CelcomDigi) as they share valuable insights on ESG storytelling.

“To avoid the pitfalls of greenwashing and greenhushing, data is crucial to driving transparent and authentic narratives. This will not only increase shareholder value and attract investors but also position corporate Malaysia as a leader in sustainable practice, ultimately fostering long-term value creation,” said Manminder.

Ultimately, the platform will also enable companies to create better ESG strategies by analysing the keywords around their brand in the news, Manminder added.

“The platform’s analytics will offer companies critical insights to reevaluate and improve their ESG strategies. By analysing media coverage of relevant ESG keywords, companies can gauge the effectiveness of their current initiatives and identify areas for enhancement.”

“Our current immediate goal is to assist PLCs in Malaysia listed in Bursa Malaysia to build data-driven ESG narratives.”

Highlighting the synergy between ESGNewslytics.AI and the guaranteed media coverage provided by, Puspavathy Ramaloo, who is the co-founder of the startup pointed out the significance of this combination in realising the company’s vision for comprehensive PR solutions.

Co-founder of, Puspavathy Ramaloo

“With the introduction of ESGNewslytics.AI and our existing platform for guaranteed media coverage,, we have come full circle in providing end-to-end PR solutions, with the aim of ultimately positioning us as a PR powerhouse in the region. This dual-platform approach ensures that our clients are not only equipped with the latest AI-driven insights into ESG-related news trends but also benefit from guaranteed media coverage to effectively communicate their narratives.”

The startup showcased a 84.5% year-on-year revenue growth in 2023, a testament to its dedication to innovation and leadership in the PR tech sector. On future strategies and market expansion, Manminder emphasised the startup’s trajectory towards exponential growth via strategic new investment opportunities and a strong focus on cutting-edge technological developments. By harnessing these investments and prioritising innovation in the PR/media tech industry, the company aims to significantly enhance its offerings and expand its footprint in emerging regional markets.

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