Thursday, July 25, 2024

Ruhainies denies taking care of Aliff Aziz since his divorce

Ruhainies has dismissed rumours that she has been taking care of Aliff Aziz since the end of his marriage with Bella Astillah.

The actress, who spoke to the media outside the Sharia High Court in Kuala Lumpur recently, stated that she considered such rumour as a major slander.

“It’s such a heavy accusation and it is of course not true. Aliff had been doing dramas back-to-back before. It would be impossible for him to no longer have any money now,” she said.

As for herself, Ruhainies said that she has no issues when it comes to her own livelihood, as she still has projects in hand.

“But I will not talk about it for now. Let’s just see what I will do on social media,” she added.

Meanwhile, Aliff assured that he is still able to manage his life with the savings he has.

“Please wish me well,” he added.

Kredit: Heidi Hsia | Cinema Online