Wednesday, June 26, 2024

JAECOO Unveils Revolutionary Torque Vectoring 4WD Technology Transforming Extreme Off-Road Adventures

Adhering to the design philosophy of “From Classic, Beyond Classic,” the #JAECOO #J7 masterfully integrates the joys of off-roading with luxury, intelligence, and safety.

The ARDIS All Road Drive Intelligent System, a smart technology uniquely developed by JAECOO to meet off-road demands, has evolved technologically once again, introducing an industry-unique Torque Vectoring Four-Wheel Drive system.

JAECOO’s Torque Vectoring Four-Wheel Drive system surpasses traditional off-road AWD technologies.

It not only breaks through the performance limitations of conventional AWD but also enhances the off-road lifestyle of users with a strong and reliable performance value advantage.

The Torque Vectoring Four-Wheel Drive technology in the J7 which is unique among competitors and based on the development of timely AWD technology, not only effectively addresses the user pain points of terrain adaptability and fuel consumption but also provides a novel off-road driving experience from the perspectives of technical logic and overall vehicle synergy.

JAECOO’s new Torque Vectoring Four-Wheel Drive system can rapidly monitor road conditions, dynamically allocate torque, precisely control front and rear axle torque distribution, and adjust from 0 to 100% on left and right wheels enabling strong off-road capability, superior maneuverability, high comfort, and adaptability.


JAECOO has established its head office in the capital city of Saudia Arabia, Riyadh. This will be the first company in the automotive industry which preferred this business model over the conventional distributor business model.

The question is why? The simple answer is to stay close to their customers and to make sure they take care of everything themselves, rather than completely handing over the brand to a middleman.

The first and the biggest impact this business model will create is the spare parts availability and after-sales service.

JAECOO is finally set to launch in Q3 in the heart of KSA, Riyadh. The pre-sales have been active for both OMODA & JAECOO.

Saudi Customers can now directly book JAECOO vehicles from This mega event will be covered by hundreds of media people from around the kingdom.

To make it more attractive and honor the first batch customers of OMODA or JAECOO vehicle, the Riyadh Head Office of OMODA & JAECOO has decided to offer several exciting sales and service offers which will be limited to the first 100 customers only.

The First batch customer will now be eligible to get 7 years or 250,000 KM warranty (which ever comes fist) instead, of 6-year warranty which will be standard for all.

Not only this, but they will also be able to enjoy the Free maintenance service for up to 60,000 KM for up to 3 years.

Moreover, there are many OMODA JAECOO lifestyle amenities and gadgets which will also be parts of this amazing and exciting offer for the first batch customers.